equipamiento público centro saludequipamiento público centro salud

Health centre in Vall d'Alba

The new Vall d’Alba Health Centre is built in an area of recent urban expansion to serve not just the local population but also to establish itself as the emergency department for the Pla de l’Arc area. Thus, the project aims to make it stand out within the urban setting in which it sits, which is achieved through a powerful structure with its most important element, the entrance, facing the most important road.The building is structured in a way that is a real departure from the dominant compactness of the surrounding environment. It is decomposed and expanded to meet the end of the block on which it is built. The alternating fullness and vacuums within the highly geometric composition produce welllit interior spaces throughout the centre, while its functional programme is organised in a clear and simple way, despite the complexity of circulatory routes it houses.Inside we endeavoured to create sedate environments in the waiting areas, flooding them with natural light and providing them with tranquil views of the interior landscaped courtyards.The chromatic austerity of the interior is offset by the cross-feeding of colour from the exterior panels.Outside, the materials we selected reinforce the uniqueness that we were seeking. The white prismatic shapes break apart, revealing rich-coloured wood panels that give the building a feeling of great plasticity and warmth, very appropriate in a facility of this type. See more

Description: New health centre in Vall d'Alba.

Situation: C/ Sector, 9A PAI Piscinas cruce C/ Moltalba con C/ Senieta. Vall d'Alba (Castellón).

Year: 2009 | Area: 900m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Emilio Cubillos

Fernando Santamaría, architectural technician
José Vicente Andreu, engineer

Builder: Foconsa

Promoter: Consellería de Sanitat

Photography: Joan Roig