Health Centre in Alcalà de Xivert

The new health centre in Alcala de Xivert will be built in an area of the town’s urban edge, near the main access from the national road. It is a one-floor, free-standing building, with a surface area of almost 1,000 m2, as required by the Regional Ministry of Heath mainly for reasons of comfort and functionality, but also to minimize construction and maintenance costs.With these premises, the project aims at emphasising the building’s presence within its urban context through a very suggestive volume, based on two intersecting prismatic pieces, each different in character and in position.A horizontal volume houses the entire range of health services available to the public. In contrast, the technical spaces are located in a vertical block that emerges out of the horizontal one and rises to hide a terrace for the upper-floor facilities. The intersection between the two elements produces a hollow area, designed as a longitudinal courtyard whose purpose is to flood with natural light the centre of the building, which is intended for traffic and for waiting areas. The inner chromatic austerity is offset by the visual perspective of colour of the outer panelling.Outside, the uniqueness is emphasized by the palette of materials used. The large lying prism formalizes a powerful white base from which the vertical wooden element emerges firmly, with great plasticity and colour intensity. The design and location of the main entrance is intended to stand as another clearly recognizable pole of attraction.  See more

Description: Health Centre project.

Situation: C/Paseo del Ferrocarril 4, Alcalà de Xivert (Castellón)

Year: 2009 | Area: 912m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Emilio Cubillos 

Fernando  Santamaría, quantity surveyor
Javier Felis, engineer


Promoter: Consellería de Sanitat, Generalitat Valenciana