equipamiento público sede brasilequipamiento público sede brasil

Headquarters in Brazil

The projected building must be an exemplary construction for the new urban image of Florianópolis, based on quality of life, sustainability and the island’s natural landscape. At the same time, it stands as a strong visual reference and an example of sustainable construction.Due to the premise of a project based on the values of sustainability and efficiency, and in view of the steep gradient of the plot, the design proposes four separate blocks, so that each one can have the best natural light, ventilation, thermal conditioning and visual permeability.The entrance is located on an open mid-level that also houses the unique volume of the small auditorium. Structurally, the building starts from the concrete foundation pillars to the open “pilotis” level. A metal structure rises from here to form the blocks themselves. The facades are more open or closed according to their orientation, with vertical gardens on the north and south facades. The back slope created by the required excavation becomes a green wall that serves as the backdrop for the entire building. See more

Description: Competition. Fatma Fapesc Headquarters at Florianópolis (Brazil).

Situation: Technologic Complex Alfa, Florianópolis, Brazil

Year: 2012 | Area: 10600m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Carlos Perles,, Emilio Cubillos,, Jaime Sanahuja,, Mª José Molina.Local Partners:, Guile Amadeu,, Rodrigo Lacerda, (Coletivo de architectos-Brasil)

José Mª Sánchez
Antonio Buira


Promoter: Iab-Sc