interiorismo apartamentos graciainteriorismo apartamentos gracia

Gracia 68 Apartment

Located in one of Barcelona’s most traditional urban hubs, following on from the Paseo de Gracia in the heart of the neighbourhood from which it takes its name, the building in which this apartment is located is characteristic of Barcelona’searly 20th century style.Occupying the second of five floors, this apartment had completely lost its historical essence. Over the course of several renovations, the former owners had hidden the details that gave the personality its space, making it very dark, divided and charmless.The renovation involved an integrated project to convert it into a very contemporary, functional home whilst at thesame time restoring its historic character through the enhancement of some of the most interesting original elements.The salvaging of the forged wooden beams and leaving the brick infills exposed, or the removal of the plasterfrom the interior walls to give them an industrial look takes us straight back to the time of their construction and provide the old framework we were looking for. A few classic design pieces help to give a contemporary feel to the apartment and add the finishing touches to this eclectic but refined home.The layout positions the main rooms at the edges of the space, supported by the façades, thus leaving the darker interior space for the service areas. Looking out onto the street, the great hall has become the main leisure area, while the former small bedrooms have been joined together to create two large en-suite rooms overlooking the courtyard.  See more

Description: Renovation of an apartment in a city block.

Situation: Gran de Gracia, 68. Barcelona

Year: 1992 | Area: 120m2 | Typology: Interiorismo

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja



Promoter: Private

Photography: Lluís Casals