Esmalglass offices

In this project to expand the offices and laboratories of Esmalglass, we face the challenge of extending an existing building and creating an emphatic, representative image for the firm.The building is planned as a series of structural planes encased in glass through which all the activity that is taking place inside can be seen. The structure is deformed at the end thanks to several tilted sections that give the impression of a “boat keeling over”. This is the highest point of the building, where the company name is affixed in threedimensional white-lacquered aluminium letters.The building’s longitudinal design provides a linear organisation to the various activities that take place in it, structured around a central axis from which the different vertical communication hubs, which are lit from above, are accessed.Equipped with a lift and staircase, these communication hubs open into the “boat” behind through huge glazed areas, and serve as a reference point and guide, marking out the entry points to the building. Outside there is an elevated platform in the form of an access podium, pierced by sheets of water, providing access through a concrete ‘U’ shape to the ground floor.The building is presented to the viewer as a display window or large-screen TV, broadcasting the industrial R&D activity to the outside world. This large, glass structure envelops the older building, unifying the whole and creating an icon that is representative of the firm that inhabits it. See more

Description: Esmalglass Headquarters.

Situation: Ctra. Villarreal-Onda, Km. 41,800. Vila-real, Castellón.

Year: 2002 | Area: 11900m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: José Mª Medrano, Jaime Sanahuja, Emilio Cubillos

Manolo Sanz, engineer
Joaquín Lahoz, architectural technician

Builder: Covoop

Promoter: Esmalglass S.A.

Photography: Lluis Casals