proyecto vivienda colectiva el edénproyecto vivienda colectiva el edén

El Edén apartment complex

The project is located on the Platja Nord of Peñíscola, in a high-density area of apartment blocks and hotels. It consists of mid-range apartments, commercial units and parking facilities.The proposed arrangement involves breaking the building down in accordance with the shape of the plot, into construction elements with certain rules that link them together –primarily the towers and the plinth.The organisational structures involve treating the complex in two different scales: one local scale, characterised by the plinth that forms the apartment perimeter, on two heights and organised around the interior square; and one global scale referenced from outside, which is characterised by the sequence of towers which twist and open towards the outside, creating a kinetic feeling from a distance.The project has tried to create a precise urban form, configured around a large, landscaped, central communal area with no residual shapes on the perimeter.The towers are structured on white-painted white walls with floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms and glassterraces outside, conferring a great sensation of lightness that highlights the Mediterranean style. The perceived image of the tower is that of a central spine of a skeleton, creating not an image of a building façade but one of points and edges that rise skyward, highlighting the feeling of verticality and of space between the towers.  See more

Description: El Eden apartament complex by the sea.

Situation: Peñíscola, Castellón

Year: 1990 | Area: m2 | Typology: Residencial

Arquitectos: Carlos Ferrater, Carlos Escura, Carlos Martín, Jaime Sanahuja.



Promoter: Privado