interiorismo antic colonialinteriorismo antic colonial

Designer Space L'Antic Colonial 2015

Proposal by the studio for a display area within the showroom of L’Antic Colonial, part of the Porcelanosa group.Every year this company invites leading designers and architects to create ephemeral designs within their showroom, through which to explore the possibilities of their materials through real projects, known as ”Espacios de autor”, or Creative Spaces.sanahuja&partners’ design is called Living Atmosphere. It is an abstraction of living space, something that is omnipresent in architecture. Included in the space are a dining/working table, a fireplace and a TV, elements which are always found in domestic living spaces, although by changing the scale the design could also function as the front of a larger space intended to perform several functions, such as a hotel lobby, waiting rooms etc. It maximises the plasticity of the stone and wood that have been used, classic materials that contrast with the compositional modernity of the stand and of L’Antic Colonial’s own mosaics, which inspired the concept.The warmth of the wood coexists in perfect harmony with the stone materials, in a design that integrates lighting to enhance the geometry and to provide the ability to create different atmospheres within the same space. The integration of technology in the form of the G-Glass TV screen and Lutron lighting control system complement the unashamedly avant-garde architectural design. See more

Description: Stand for Porcelanosa showroom .

Situation: Porcelanosa Group, L’Antic Colonial, Vila-real (Castellón)

Year: 2015 | Area: 15m2 | Typology: Interiorismo

Arquitectos: sanahuja&partners

Jaime Sanahuja
Emilio Cubillos
Carlos Perles
Mar Nadal
Juan Trilles
Longino García
Fidel Sáez
Mª José Molina LUTRON lighting
G-GLASS audiovisual

Builder: L'Antic Colonial- Porcelanosa Group

Promoter: L'Antic Colonial- Porcelanosa Group

Photography: Porcelanosa Group