Proyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa d&eProyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa d&e

D&E House

Light, shapes, spaces and landscape. That pretty much sums up this project.The house is on a plot on which a garden has been designed with a lawn that merges with the green of a golf course.The building consists of a series of shapes made of different materials that enclose various outdoor spaces that give the house its structure, while its surroundings provide a continuum of liveability and comfort. Three main materials are used: concrete, which is used for the main structure housing the lounge-diner and which is embraced by the white shape which houses the bedrooms and study, and two wooden boxes, which emerge peering timidly over the landscape.The clients wanted to keep the pines that were already on the plot, and make the most of the views of the golf course, whilst at the same time achieving a certain level of privacy. Thus the house is closed to the street and open to the garden, with views over the wooded golf course and the sea.Inside, the double-height dining room and lounge define their respective areas through the geometric organisation of various items of furniture. Architectural elements such as the black fireplace, the white bookshelf, and the glass and wood surfaces help to soften the roundness of the shapes that prevail in the building’s design. In addition the four skylights in the roof act as sculptural elements in the living room. See more

Description: Single-family detached house with swimming pool.

Situation: Avda. de Los Pinos -El Pinar-Grao de Castellón (Castellón)

Year: 2008 | Area: 480m2 | Typology: Residencial

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja., Mar Nadal., Emilio Cubillos

Felipe Garcia, quantity surveyor

Builder: Construcciones Miguel Pons

Promoter: Private

Photography: Lluís Casals