equipamiento público complejo legislativoequipamiento público complejo legislativo

Costa Rica Legal Complex Competition

The Costa Rican city of San Jose is a growing urban centre in which historic preservation and modern development are constantly clashing. In recent decades it has been losing its architectural heritage (tree-lined streets, arcades and meeting places). Only a few buildings remain, surrounded by a turbulent city that seeks to reclaim its identity.This project seeks to revitalise the country’s civic centre and revive the city through the design of a new headquarters for the republic’s first power. The new Legal Assembly will be a clear architectural project –modern, sober and representative of the values that characterise the country: transparency, solidarity and liberty. It also aims to be a turning point in the development of the capital city in the face of the constant need for democratic, pluralistic and sustaining cities, where buildings are integrated with public spaces and, moreimportantly, with its citizens.The proposal establishes a clear rhythm for this institutional architectural programme, marking the corners and incorporating double-height towers, generating courtyards with covered perimeter corridors between vegetation, as a transition between the public and private. Developing a central connecting element to join the historic part with the new buildings is considered an essential element. And above all, to ensure the free discussion of the town’s ideas with its representatives within a secure and high-quality framework. See more

Description: Competition. New legislative assembly in Costa Rica.

Situation: San José, Costa Rica

Year: 2012 | Area: m2 | Typology: Urbanismo

Arquitectos: Carlos Ferrater OAB, Vahos Arquitectura, Jaime SanahujaEmilio CubillosLocal Partner:, Rojas Arquitectos, Costa Rica.

Eugenio Donado