equipamiento urbano sindicato arquitectosequipamiento urbano sindicato arquitectos

Competition for the Extension of the Porto Alegre Engineers Institution

This project involves designing a masterplan for the development of a residential tourism complex in Romania. Located in a privileged location, just over 3km from the Black see and 16km from Constanta international airport, the area is situated more or less equidistant between the village of Corbu and the nearest stretch of coastline.The layout consists of a zoned area with eleven super-blocks served by a perimeter road of entrances and exits. The first super-block houses a high-rise building as a unique urban landmark. The remaining ten are triangular with more than 10,000 m2 of surface area, and will accommodate 2 or 3 blocks of flats between 6 and 8 storeys high with plenty of private, landscaped interior space along with pool, children’s play areas, etc.The complex is divided by a single central avenue that runs around the entire axis of the area in a sinuous zig-zag, following the general organisational concept. Along these are small commercial buildings and services such as garden areas or community sports areas which complete the development’s facilities.Almost all apartments have double orientation, most of them opening into the garden with views towards the sea. There is a wide range of apartment types, from studios to larger 3 and even 4 bedroom dwellings plus unique attic homes.2014, Fourth prize award architecture competition See more

Description: Architectural competition for Porto Alegre Engeniering Sindicate’s new building.

Situation: Avenida Érico Veríssimo 960, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil)

Year: 2014 | Area: 15920m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Carlos Perles, Marta Cereceda, sanahuja&partners.Local Partners:, Saul Kaminsky, Diego Viana, Urban Recycle Brasil.

Fidel Saez
Stefano Pisanu
Adalberto Vilela
Andrea Sedona
Orlando Barros
Federica Monti
Thulio Rodrigues


Promoter: Senge-RS / IAB-RS