equipamiento público centro cívicoequipamiento público centro cívico

City Hall in Brazil

The design for the civic centre was approached by bringing together the administrative offices and cultural facilities into one large complex, with the addition of a theatre, which is inserted in a green zone and completes the complex as an independent piece, both in terms of form and use.The building is organised around a large uncovered hall, from which the traffic and accesses are controlled and organised. A 14-floor tower that is visible from the entire city stands here as a urban landmark.On an urban level, it proposes reorganising the vehicle and pedestrian traffic, creating green spaces, a public plaza for events, and parking areas. See more

Description: Várzea Paulista City Hall, Brasil.

Situation: Várzea Paulista (Brasil)

Year: 2012 | Area: 16557m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Carlos Perles, Emilio Cubillos, Jaime Sanahuja, (sanahuja&partners), Guile Amadeu, Rodrigo Lacerda, (Coletivo de architectos, Brasil)

Carles Martí
José Mª Torralba
Antonio José Rodríguez
Mª José Company


Promoter: Prefeitura Devárzea Paulista, Brasil