equipamiento urbano fundación casa rui barbosaequipamiento urbano fundación casa rui barbosa

Centro Fundación Casa de Riu Barbosa

The project didn’t only address the use of this building as a long-term archive and storage facility, but it also aimed at creating a building that gives shape to the historic legacy of the Republic in Rio de Janeiro, the only large city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.The challenge of the project is to overcome the contradiction between the extremely controlled surroundings of the building and the natural exuberance of the Carioca landscape. Its goal is to transform bureaucracy into poetry. The poetry comes from the inspiring presence of the rocks that form a cultural landscape, a phrase coined by UNESCO to define landscapes with an outstanding universal value. These rocks are the image of Brazil throughout the world. Moreover, as a result of the interaction between man and nature, the rocks are spread throughout the city, in the sidewalks, in the doorways and windows of historic buildings, museums, churches and palaces, and also in Rio’s renowned modernist works by Niemeyer and Burle Marx. The rock as a key element of that landscape; the rock as a raw material of the city, as the raw material of a country that is not fully polished, like the Constitution of 1891 drafted by Rui Barbosa, which is the symbol of the foundation of our Republic.The purpose of this project is to portray the mixture of the natural and the urban atmospheres, with a sustainable architecture that is particularly attentive to the required technical requirements, to the fusion of the urban and the natural landscape, which is the essence of Rio de Janeiro. The symbolism of this monolith is the key element of this project, which seeks to create meaning on the basis of the citizens and the city itself. Contemporary yet, at the same time, close to the origins. An attempt to awake the mysterious beauty which human life accidentally brings about. But, nonetheless, it is still just a rock. See more

Description: Competition.Conservation Centre for the cultural belongings of the Foundation Casa de Riu Barbosa .

Situation: Rua Assunção, 504, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Year: 2013 | Area: 1765m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Carlos Perles, Jaime Sanahuja, sanahuja&partners.Local Partner:, Guile Amadeu,, Rodrigo Lacerda,, Coletivo de architectos, Brasil.

Mario Echigo
Joao Gustavo


Promoter: Casa de Riu Barbosa Foundation