Proyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa 2m

Casa 2M

Single-family home located on a plot of 450m2 inside an exclusively residential area. A building of pure and simple volumes, in which the material becomes highly relevant conceived. Are used for this two textures: a ceramic coating that mimics the sandstone and brings warmth to the whole, and a textured anthracite that adds just the right contrast.The house has a basement that hides the garage, storage and functional and climate control facilities; the ground floor as day area, where highlights the double height living room, with the ladder as a singular icon that sews vertically the space; second-floor as night area, with two rooms, one suite and a study area that dumps to the double height living room; and finally the second floor intended for recreational use and entertainment.As for the interior, the proposed design attempts to be austere in materials: wood, sandstone and anthracite give the interior warmth and simplicity necessary, limiting the color use to certain areas and applying it in its right measure. It is a comprehensive design project, which has managed to harmonize functionality and form through materiality. See more

Description: Single family house with swimming pool .

Situation: Castellón de la Plana, Castellón

Year: 2014 | Area: 460m2 | Typology: Residencial

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Mar Nadal, Juan Trilles

Javier Felis, engineer
Javier García, architect technician

Builder: construcciones Jesús Sales S.L.

Promoter: Privado

Photography: ACF fotografía