Besalduch house

This project at the highest point of the historic centre of Sant Mateu involves the renovation of various terraced houses in an advanced state of ruin.With the complicity, enthusiasm and resources of the owners, we set about defining spaces, a complex arrangement of house, performance areas and an exhibition of the owner’s antique collection.The goal was to achieve a balance between the different spaces, and combine and contrast the old (of high value) and the new, with materials, furnishings and in particular contemporary lighting.The new dimensions of the house and its arrangement over three floors plus covered areas, led us to use a circulationsystem based on two staircases, one in iron sheeting which achieved a dialogue with the old stone walls, thus addingvalue to them.The initial programme of a “weekend house” also went on to become rather more of a “family hotel” with generouscommunal spaces in double and triple height, linked with the family’s private spaces and outdoor areas: a master bedroom suite with dressing room and bathroom, guest bedrooms, apartments for the children with private bathrooms, living rooms, office, TV area, spacious dining room, double-height vestibule beneath the main arch, and a cascade of stepped terraces behind the house towards the rear courtyard connected to the kitchen, where a swimming pool and large adjacent green area are located.  See more

Description: Renovation of a medieval residential house in historical center..

Situation: C/ San Francisco 24, 26 y 28. Sant Mateo. Castellón.

Year: 2004 | Area: 570m2 | Typology: Comercial

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Emilio Cubillos, Mar Nadal


Builder: Fabur, S.L.

Promoter: Patrimonial Pat-Bes, S.L.

Photography: Joan Roig, Ainhoa Anaut