interiorismo apartamentos benicasiminteriorismo apartamentos benicasim

Apartment in Benicassim

The house layout is very clear. The different areas are placed around the central core, where the stairs and elevator are located. The entrance is set in a central position and the main access flows directly into the passageway developed around the core. The project aims at achieving the utmost clarity of this spatial arrangement, keeping a minimum number of partitions, and emphasising functionality. The service spaces delimit the core and are inobtrusively placed around it.The day areas, such as the dining room, sitting room, study and kitchen are openly placed along the main passageway. The night areas are also linked to the passageway, but not so openly. The palette of materials used is quite minimal in order to reinforce the project goals. Three basic materials are used: large-format ceramic tile, natural oak wood, and a neutral white colour on surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Glass is also used to compartmentalize specific areas on account of its immaterial character. See more

Description: Apartment renovation.

Situation: Benicassim, Castellon (Spain)

Year: 2012 | Area: 297m2 | Typology: Interiorismo

Arquitectos: Mar Nadal, Jaime Sanahuja


Builder: Construcciones Castaño S.L.

Promoter: Private

Photography: Joan Roig