proyecto vivienda colectiva torre alziraproyecto vivienda colectiva torre alzira

Alzira Tower Competition

This project consists of a 25-storey residential tower block with a total of 150 homes. It is based around a central, vertical communications core, with highly functional and flexible linear housing set out in gangway style around the perimeter of the building, creating a central courtyard. The result is a complex and compact building, characterised by its continuous and unitary shape, which is intended to be a landmark within the city.The complementary communal spaces in this type of development are usually taken care of on the main plot at ground floor level, but in this case they are vertically situated in different areas dotted throughout the tower. The main shape opens up generously, creating communal terraces in which these communal service areas are located, such as a reading and multipurpose room, relaxation and spa areas and pool/ gym with sundeck on the 20th floor.Another key aspect of this tower block is its maximum use of natural light and ventilation, thanks to the central open courtyard with various openings that provide light to the block and allow air to flow freely. All the main rooms of the dwellings are orientated towards the outer walls, leaving the service rooms of kitchen and bathroom to face the interior courtyard.The building’s outer skin is made from adjustable metal slats, unifying the façades to create a very light, variable and transparent feel through the transparencies of the system, while the adjustable position of the sliders creates everchanging images depending on the position of the sun and the different seasons throughout the year2006, Project first prize awarded. Restricted competition. See more

Description: Competition. Competition. project for a housing tower, multifunctional spaces, and a two-level underground parking garage.

Situation: Lot B13 residential area as part of the partialplan in an industrial area in Tulell de Alzira,València

Year: 2006 | Area: 15680m2 | Typology: Residencial

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Mar Nadal, Emilio Cubillos  



Promoter: Fbex Promo Inmobiliaria SL