Abadia del Maestrat Hotel

A small rural hotel in a mountain setting in inland Castelló. The hotel is located in the former Abbey house, whose stone façade has been adapted and retained. The ground floor consists of a reception, reading area and restaurant; the first and second floors are home to the bedrooms; and the penthouse floor contains the spa, with a terrace offering magnificent views across the entire area, reaching as far as the sea on clear days.One of the main constraints when it came to designing the building was the existence of the church steeple. As a solution we opted to separate it from the building, so as to respect its importance as a symbol of the town.The selected building materials are in keeping with the traditiona  materials used in the original building. The façades are made of limestone with steel frames on the windows, some of which also have balconies. Inside, wood textures have been used on the floors, with laminated flooring contrasting with the walls of limestone or in different coloured painted finishes. Another unique element of the building is the staircase, made from exposed concrete on its underside and with wooden stairs and a handrail made from blackpainted steel bars. The interior design is conceived as a complement to the architecture, combining with it and using elements that are in keeping with its rural character in order to form a harmonious whole. See more

Description: Refurbishment of a charming hotel in a small village.

Situation: Plaza de la iglesia 1 – La Serratella (Castellón)

Year: 2013 | Area: 456m2 | Typology: Comercial

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Mar Nadal, Juan Trilles, Teresa Artola

Javier Felis,engineer.
Laura Solé Tena, Núria Solé Tena, Interior design.
Javier García, architectural technician.

Builder: Renos S.L.

Promoter: Municipality of La Serratella

Photography: Joan Roig. José Lorite